Making a Perfect Entrance on Your Wedding Day!

Your wedding day is creeping up and you want everything to be pitch-perfect, especially your grand entrance! After all, the first impression is always the last impression...

Bridesmaids, flower girls and your father walking you down the aisle. Or maybe you’re a groom looking to make the perfect entrance with your best man. Whatever the case, let’s see how it’s done.

Step 1

Make sure you book a cinematographer/videographer who will film unobtrusively so they do not come in your way and they do not make you nervous at any point. For any type of wedding, including Indian wedding, Sikh wedding or Muslim wedding, being inconspicuous is really important.

So research well before you book your wedding cinematographer.

All cultures and religions demand filming of this nature, especially when it comes to religious aspects; where the Pundit, Giani or Maulana need to undergo religious sermons.

If you are looking to book a good inconspicuous video company, be sure to check out some work from our portfolio here.


Step 2

Before you make your entrance, breathe in and out. Drink plenty of water and make sure you are fully relaxed. Listen to some music or do anything that relaxes your mind.


Step 3

You are the best looking person in that room, all eyes will be on you! Feel good about yourself and tell yourself how damn good you look. Self-esteem is very important! Look in the mirror and tell yourself how hot you are. It’s all about having a good self-image.


Step 4

Make sure you leave a good three to four metre gap between anyone else who will be part of the entrance. You do not want to be covered behind your family members or the flower girls. This will ruin your photographs and video. So keep a gap of at least three to four metres, if you can leave more, it’s even better.


Step 5

Enjoy the moment and free your mind. This may only occur once in your life so enjoy every moment. This is your time to shine, it’s your moment in the limelight.

Have your head, shoulders and back nice and straight. Keep a good posture and make eye contact with the crowd where possible. All these small gestures show confidence.


All the best and thank you for reading our top tips.

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