Top 10 tips you MUST KNOW when booking your Asian Wedding Videographer!

1) Shop around for the best quote but don’t compromise on quality

Booking your videographer can be daunting. With images of the huge Sony cameras and garden flood lights, videographer's have set an impression in the wedding industry. However, today's videographer's have moved up in the world and the DSLR revolution has took over. With the introduction of hi-tech cameras that can film impressive hundred or two hundred frames per second to nimble Go-Pros and drones, filming has become really sought after in recent years.

Many video companies will display their best work online, however, this may not depict the overall video quality. So, before you book, ask to see a full sample.

There are many companies who will offer services for next to nothing, however, quality is always paramount. You are likely to spend on average of £25,000 on your big day, do not compromise on quality for an extra £500 or so.

Shop around, compare prices and compare the quality of work you are expected to receive.


2) Make an itinerary for your filming needs

You need to make a detailed itinerary of what is going to happen on your wedding day. This eliminates any confusion and your film will be exactly the way you want it. This will make life easier for your Asian Wedding Videographer and it will keep him or her motivated as everything is transparent for them on the day.

Your Asian Wedding Videographer can also plan the shots they want and make your film bespoke if they have a detailed itinerary.

Keep it simple, just include the time and next to it a quick note of what will happen. For example, 9am Bride and Groom prep shots in hotel. The simpler you keep it, the better!


3) If you have any surprises on the day, let your Asian Wedding Videographer know!

You need to be transparent, if you have any surprise performance or act, keep your Asian Wedding Videographer in loop! Why, I hear you ask? Well, your videographer can plan ahead and set cameras up beforehand to capture the performance to its best. Pre-planning will help your videographer get the best shots and use all the cameras to film from different angles.


4) Arrange a pre-consultation meeting

It is always a good idea to set expectations from the outset. You need to tell your videographer exactly what you are looking for and what you expect.

Every wedding is different and we all have different expectations from our wedding films. So, show your videographer some work you like and see if they can make something similar. Also, give those links of work you like. Set an expectation so you know what you are likely to get at the end.

At the same time, give your videographer freedom of being creative. At the end of the day, they are experts in their field, if you set too many restrictions, they will feel limited to use their creative input. Give them full creativity and you will certainly receive a timeless masterpiece.


5) Treat your Asian Wedding Videographer well and be fair

Your wedding videographer may have a long day of filming. You want to keep them motivated and energised throughout the day so they can focus and create a bespoke wedding film at the end.

Yes, they are being paid a lot of money and they are professionals. However, they are still humans and filming can be a physically demanding role. So giving your videographer a quick lunch break or ten minute snack break can really help and it will keep them focused throughout the day.


6) Nominate a go to person

On your big day, you will be busy and have other things to deal with. So, it is always best to nominate a go to person for you and one for your other half.

If your Asian wedding videographer has a question, they can approach the nominated 'go to person' and ask.

It is always best to nominate a close family or friend who you can trust and leave the rest to your videographer. Trust your videographer’s judgement!


7) Book one company to cover both bride and groom

It is always best to book one company to cover both sides. This way, you only have one company to liaise with, making your life much easier and you can share costs with your other half.

Having one company will also ensure your film is not compromised as they can communicate to get the best shots and your videographer will not come in the way of filming.

Conversely, booking two companies, you may compromise your film. Both teams may not have met each other and the filming styles may be different so it’s definitely a big no, no!

Book one quality company who can capture both sides.


8) Make sure your Asian Wedding Videographer is insured

Your videographer will have heavy duty equipment, if someone happens to trip over a tripod and injure themselves, it is always best to ensure your videographer has Public Liability Cover. Double check this with your Asian Wedding Videographer before you book.


9) Ask if your videographer has a contingency plan?

If your videographer all of a sudden becomes ill and has to rush to the hospital or an event occurs that is beyond their control, can your event still be filmed?

It is a good idea to ask the company you are booking to see if they are part of a wider network where they can get a videographer of similar calibre to cover your event if the worst was to happen. Always check and make sure your videography/cinematography company has a contingency in place.


10) Sign a contract with your Asian Wedding Videographer

Signing a contract will legally bind you with your wedding videographer. It will provide that extra safety net if you ever need it.

The contract will cover areas such as unforeseen circumstances and financial aspects of your booking.

Most well-known companies will offer a contract, if they do not have one…run away!

Be safe and have that peace of mind, sign a contract with your Asian Wedding Videographer.

All the best and thank you for reading our latest blog!

Watch this space for more hot topics.

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